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Create a private Cocoon just for you and your partner

A special messaging app for couples

Cocoon is a beautiful space that lets you go above and beyond the level of intimacy of generic texting apps.

Keep each other close to heart no matter where you happen to be.

The home page of Cocoon displayed on an iPhone.
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Your shared archive keeps photos & memories safe

With Cocoon, the memories you share with your partner are automatically saved and easily accessible in your archive. Just zoom out to see photos, videos, location checkins, and threads.

Little updates bring you closer together

Cocoon makes it easy to share little things that paint a picture of your day, like your location, fitness activity, and even heart rate.

Elements of Cocoon's interface, showing location, step count, meditation, exercise, and heart rate updates.

Add real-time presence to your LDR

Get a real-time window into each other's lives by tapping on their picture in Cocoon. You can fine-tune your settings to share exactly what you're comfortable with.

Elements of Cocoon's interface, showing a user's position on a map, step count, mindfulness minutes, exercise minutes, heart rate, and body temperature.

Available on iOS and Android

Cocoon works great on both iOS and Android, so you never have to worry about blue and green bubbles, or platform specific capabilities.

The home page of Cocoon displayed on an iPhone and an Android phone.

Keep your private life private

Apps like Messenger and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook, and use your personal data to power advertising businesses.

Cocoon is powered directly by people, allowing us to stay ad-free and never compromise your data or privacy.

Start your Cocoon today

Start a Cocoon for you and your partner with a 30-day free trial. No credit card needed.

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