Give the gift of Cocoon to your #1 group.

This holiday season, many of us won't get to see our loved ones in person. So we're offering a special way to give the gift of Cocoon, with a fun twist (limited to 250 groups).

Tell us who you'd like to invite to your Cocoon and purchase your one-year sponsorship up front ($39.99 USD), and we'll send everyone a handwritten invite card that they can unwrap. Your Cocoon will be created automatically and waiting for everyone once they install the app.

Offer available until 12/20/20, in the US and Canada only.

What people are saying

"We had been waiting for an ad-free platform to help us stay connected and share life’s precious moments for quite some time. After having a baby, the last thing I wanted to do was to post a bunch of photos on social media, and everything gets lost in a giant text thread. A private space like this just makes sense." Bryan Carey, Washington
"I appreciate the uncluttered nature of the app; it makes other platforms seem bloated and ugly. Cocoon helps us connect with each other in a way that feels authentic and has been bringing us closer together since the day we started using it."Sebastian Eising, New York
“We love the app and are so thankful it's here. We don't get to see each other much in person, but with Cocoon it feels like we're hanging out all the time."Karla Alva, Texas
"My sisters and I are in the busiest times of our lives while my parents are retired, so it's really hard to find the cadence. Cocoon has brought us closer together, and keeps us on the same page."Allison McConeghy, Michigan
"Cocoon has become a much better way for us to communicate and share what's going on in our lives. Compared to our old text thread, it's more fun, colorful, and so much more activity is taking place."Kathleen Williams, Missouri
"We've been spread apart for a few years and never really had a space. Seeing Cocoon made me realize what we were missing. It's the first time we've ever successfully adopted a new app and we feel 100% feel closer now that we have it."Tom Willmot, UK
"Cocoon helps mirror what we do in real life. We have a space to all be together instead a bunch of assorted group texts, and we share photos of what we're up to every day, rather than only talking when we need to communicate something."Sarah Deutch, Pennsylvania
"My ex-wife and I created a Cocoon so that our daughter could feel like her family was connected and together in one place. We’re separated by distance and divorce, but still feel like a family every day."Rick Moyers, Virginia