Work at Cocoon

We're on a mission to build a digital space that's worthy of our most cherished relationships. Helping people feel tangibly closer together every single day is a serious challenge, and there's never been a more important time to take it on. So many of our closest relationships are becoming digital-by-default, where our phones are the primary thing tethering us together. We need specialized social technology that’s continuously getting better instead of relying on the same generic tools that are frozen in time, for everyone and everything. That's why we're buiding Cocoon, and we'd love your help.

We’re looking for our 1st community hire

We just opened up our very first role outside of Engineering. The ideal person for this job is a scrappy generalist, who can float between marketing, content, research, and anything customer facing. We're an early stage startup, and would expect you to jump between domains as our business needs evolve. You’ll work closely with our Founders and be empowered to shape your role and trajectory at the company. Most likely, you'll end up leading a critical function that you would specialize in over time as we grow. For now, here are some areas you would jump into immediately.

  • Talking to users. Proactively uncovering insights about what makes Cocoon work for a group and what's in the way of it working better, directly shaping our roadmap.
  • Go-to-market strategy. Cocoon is pretty unconvential: it's a social app that intentionally can't go viral, and we charge for our product in an industry where that's unheard of. We can't follow the typical playbook, and need someone to dream up ideas from first principles, experiment, and iterate.
  • Writing prolifically. Actively managing our public voice on social and marketing channels, and crafting stories about the ways that groups are coming together with Cocoon.
  • Customer feedback. Responding to inbound questions and feedback, along with owning and designing our overall support process.

Here's a picture of what we're looking for in an ideal teammate:

  • You must be a great writer and communicator, who can empathetically listen to feedback, proactively represent our voice publicly, and be in near constant correspondence with our users and your colleagues.
  • Scrappiness is key. You need to be nimble enough, and humble enough, to jump in on any area of the business that happens to be the most impactful focus area at the moment — regardless of a strict pre-conceived job description.
  • Curious about the problem space. If you aren't innately excited about the human behavior we're trying to understand and augment with technology, Cocoon is probably not a great fit.
  • You don't need to be highly technical, but should have a good handle on the nature of mobile app development, UX design, and the constraints and scope of what we can build.
  • You should have a basic understanding of growth metrics like retention, churn, and conversion rates as these kinds of metrics will ultimately help you measure your progress.

We're working remotely for now, but this role will eventually be based onsite in San Francisco

We work from a small studio in the Mission District. Our office looks out onto a serene garden courtyard that changes throughout the seasons and lets us eat lunch together outside on sunny days. Since we're constantly thinking about how to design the perfect digital space for small groups, we take a lot of pride in our little physical space, too!

We're a small and tight-knit team, and we value getting time together to bounce ideas around and collaborate. We hope to go back to our office some day, but will maintain a flexible setup that will keep up some amount of remote-friendliness — as much as we enjoy spending time together, we value individual focus-time too.


  • Company-provided health, dental, and vision insurance as well as paid parental leave.
  • A blank check for your ideal work station set up (laptop, keyboard, chair, etc.).
  • Flexible vacation time and regular company holidays — we're in this for the long haul so don't want to see anyone burn out.
  • When its time to go back to the office, we'll help you relocate to the Bay Area if you're currently living somewhere else in the US, or internationally and eligible for a work visa.

How to apply

Email us at — if possible, we'd love to see examples of things you've built from scratch, or creative endeavors you're especially proud of.