Cocoon costs money, and in our industry that's a good thing.

When it comes to social apps, free is... well, complicated. Given the nature of Cocoon — what it's used for and the people you share it with — compromising your privacy by selling ads or monetizing your data in any way would run contradictory to our mission. When your business is advertising, your marching orders are to connect more people and maximize the time spent on your app. These are repellent forces against closeness. There's a reason we don't have billboards inside our homes.

The only business model that makes sense is one where people pay directly for Cocoon. That way, our only incentive is to focus 100% of our efforts on supporting and improving Cocoon over the long term, matching the nature of the relationships it's built for. This sounds straightforward but it's unusual in our industry, so we came up with a creative way to ensure that most people using the app will never have to pay a cent.

Here's how Cocoon's pricing works

After a 30 day trial period, one person in a Cocoon must sponsor it on behalf of their entire group to keep it going. Sponsorships don't auto-renew, and you can purchase a month at a time or save money by purchasing an annual sponsorship up front.


These prices are set in USD and vary per market. The app itself does not cost money to download. Pricing is per Cocoon, not per person, and you can be in as many Cocoons as you would like.

Our pricing is risk-free and fully transparent

We don't ask for a credit card or commitment upfront. If Cocoon is delivering on its promise of bringing you closer together, we hope it’s an easy decision to keep it running for a few bucks a month. But money alone should never be the reason why a group can't benefit from Cocoon — so if you’re loving the app but truly can't afford it, you may request a free sponsorship by emailing us at