Get Started with Cocoon

Cocoon is a bit different than the social networks or messaging apps you might be used to. Instead of syncing your address book to add friends or contacts within a giant global network, Cocoon is built around self-contained private spaces that don't overlap at all.

Start by creating a Cocoon

First, download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play and sign up with your phone number. If you haven't been added to any existing Cocoons, you'll start by making a new one. Think about a group in your life that would benefit the most from a private space to share more with each other on a regular basis.

Cocoon works especially well for tight-knit units that don't get to see each other very often. Families spread across different households, groups of life-long friends, long-distance romantic partners, support circles, and more. Keep in mind that like a group chat, everyone in a Cocoon is in it together.

You can be in as many Cocoons as you'd like, but they'll remain separate from each other and you can navigate between them using the Cocoon switcher. Your nickname, picture, and color are distinct in each, and contents from one Cocoon can't be shared or forwarded into another.

Bringing your group on board

You can pre-approve access to the other members of your Cocoon by choosing them from your contacts. Once they install the app and sign up with their phone number, they'll see their invitation waiting for them.

How is Cocoon better than a typical group chat?

The specific benefits may depend on your group’s existing habits. For groups that message each other all day every day, being able easily hold several conversations at once is a big upgrade from one single thread. For groups that find themselves sharing more than just urgent messages, Cocoon is a lower pressure space for pictures, thoughts, and links that wouldn't warrant a text message. If your group chats are full of meaningful content like baby pictures and travel photos, saving everything automatically into a beautiful archive is better than losing it all to an infinite scroll. Here's a longer list of things that set Cocoon apart from a typical group chat.

After a point, a Cocoon costs money to keep running

Thirty days after you create a Cocoon, one person in the group will need to sponsor it on everyone’s behalf to keep it going. You don't need to decide upfront whether to pay for Cocoon, only after you reach the end of your trial period. A Cocoon costs $39.99 USD per year for the entire group, and we also offer a lifetime option for $159.99 (prices vary by market).