Some of these threads are not like the others

Can you guess which ones don't belong?

2:17 PM
Unknown [Name], did you know CBD oil is 100%
12:23 PM
934-3 Your security verification code is 123456
11:40 AM
215-27 <#> Your burrito is ready for pickup at...
9:23 AM
934-3 1 of 2: FRM: You’re invited! To enter to w...
4:32 AM
Unknown Reply STOP to stop receiving these me...
11:45 AM
Maybe: Alex Hey man, I know it’s been a while, how have you been?
9:40 AM
215-27 Vote NO on Bill 100B. Txt YES to stand up against hate and racism.
934-3 FRAUD ALERT: Dear Sir, your money is
Unknown Security Code: 9294949A expires in 5 minutes.
Maybe: Tim Hi I’m Lucy with the Presidential Canidate.
234-234 Refund issued for 2x Mouse Trap Guard.
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Mom Here are some pics from the trip :)
Unknown Your prescription is ready for pickup at the corner of State and Orega Str.
234-234 Your visit is confirmed. We are located at 328 24th Street.
Unknown SUBJ: RMFMRMGIKTJHG MSG: Notification Response
934-3 Reply HELP for help. STOP to stop. YES to vote for B2032k.
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300 Just a friendly reminder to rate your restaurant visit from tuesday.

Everlasting group chats end up in the same inbox salad as random texts from far-flung contacts, and literal spam.

No matter which standard messaging app you use, all your threads are treated in exactly the same way.

245-28 Departing On-Time ETD: 11:25AM from LAX
945-234 Hi Alexander, this is Patricia with the recommendation of
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Unknown Send this text to verify this phone number.
Home Team What’s everyone up to this weekend?
Unknown Parking location 345df expires at 1:19PM
Maybe: Jason Hi I’m Caroline with the NY elected office.
205-28 UPDATE: Inclement weather could impapact.
Unknown Hi it’s Same with YES on M. Prop M will change the way.
945-234 Your driver is arriving now

Why would a tool built for texting strangers be the best answer for the people you actually care about?

Generic messaging apps made it so easy to talk to anyone, they became the primary way to talk with basically everyone.

Just by default.

Unknown Hi Username, take this short survey to the administration features of our platform.
Unknown Thank you for requesting more information.
Main Peeps OK, so you guys aren’t going to believe this.
Cocoon Your Cocoon verification code is 123456
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Your closest few deserve better.

Keeping them close, each and everyday, is too important to rely on a generic tool. They deserve something warm and personal instead of cold and efficient. Especially now.

They deserve their own app.

Welcome home to Cocoon

A special messaging app for sharing daily life with people you feel close to today, and want to feel even closer to tomorrow. Rescue your most treasured threads and give them space to thrive.

Group messaging as it should be

Cocoon-worthy groups have a lot to talk about. Create new posts from anything you want, and easily keep up several dialogues at once with truly threaded conversations.

Private and permanent

Built for keeps, like the relationships its designed for. Conversations, photos, videos, trips, moods, and more — all your activity turns into a beautiful archive that naturally fills up over time. The more you share, the better it becomes.

The easiest way to talk live

Start an audio or video call without ringing each other's phones, that anyone in your group can drop in to join once it gets going. Less scheduling, more spontaneity.

What people are saying

"We had been waiting for an ad-free platform to help us stay connected and share life’s precious moments for quite some time. After having a baby, the last thing I wanted to do was to post a bunch of photos on social media, and everything gets lost in a giant text thread. A private space like this just makes sense." Bryan Carey, Washington
"I appreciate the uncluttered nature of the app; it makes other platforms seem bloated and ugly. Cocoon helps us connect with each other in a way that feels authentic and has been bringing us closer together since the day we started using it."Sebastian Eising, New York
“We love the app and are so thankful it's here. We don't get to see each other much in person, but with Cocoon it feels like we're hanging out all the time."Karla Alva, Texas
"My sisters and I are in the busiest times of our lives while my parents are retired, so it's really hard to find the cadence. Cocoon has brought us closer together, and keeps us on the same page."Allison McConeghy, Michigan
"Cocoon has become a much better way for us to communicate and share what's going on in our lives. Compared to our old text thread, it's more fun, colorful, and so much more activity is taking place."Kathleen Williams, Missouri
"We've been spread apart for a few years and never really had a space. Seeing Cocoon made me realize what we were missing. It's the first time we've ever successfully adopted a new app and we feel 100% feel closer now that we have it."Tom Willmot, UK
"Cocoon helps mirror what we do in real life. We have a space to all be together instead a bunch of assorted group texts, and we share photos of what we're up to every day, rather than only talking when we need to communicate something."Sarah Deutch, Pennsylvania
"My ex-wife and I created a Cocoon so that our daughter could feel like her family was connected and together in one place. We’re separated by distance and divorce, but still feel like a family every day."Rick Moyers, Virginia