A dedicated space for the most important people in your life

Cocoon is a special app for your most special relationships, designed to keep you close no matter where you are.

Your home, on your phone

A private and intimate space. You won't find any casual friends or followers inside your Cocoon, and definitely no strangers or advertisers. Only the handful of people that you have carefully chosen to assemble.

A living breathing space

Just like your house, Cocoon is full of life. It’s dynamic, colorful, and even a little chaotic. Just as no two homes are alike, every Cocoon is unique as well.

Elevate your most cherished groups

Maintaining a tight-knit bond with your chosen family is one of life's most important, challenging, and meaningful tasks. Cocoon is a bespoke solution for just that, filled with superpowers to actively bring your group closer together.

Talk and share, freely and naturally

Clustered Conversations

Cocoon organizes your conversations into little clusters, so you can seamlessly keep up several threads at once.


Quick Composer

Simply open the app and start sharing: photos, links, texts, moods and more. Since your Cocoon is just for one group, you'll always know exactly who you’re sharing with.

Conjure a true feeling of presence

Joinable Live Conversations

When you're inside Cocoon at the same time as anyone else in your group, you can easily start a conversation with audio or video. At any point, you can invite anyone in your Cocoon to talk live, without ringing their phone. Once a conversation gets going, everyone else in your Cocoon will get a silent notification and can choose to join too.


Ambient Status

The Now tab provides a glance into the world of everyone in your Cocoon. Quickly check in to get a sense of what's going on for everyone at that moment.


Beam Thoughts From Afar

Sometimes you don't have anything specific to say, but you just want to let someone know that you're thinking about them. This lightweight silent notification can be sent to anyone in your Cocoon.

Families are complex &
 Cocoon is built to match

A Family Narrator

Cocoon works in the background to craft a narrative of the group's activity over time, recording interesting moments like when two people get to see each other in person for the first time in a while, or when someone sets a new record for daily steps.


Automatic Flight Tracking

Cocoon will automatically keep track of flights so you can see when a loved one is taking off, en route, and lands at their destination.


No Ads, Ever

We want our incentives to be aligned with yours, so we plan to add a paid subscription in time. If Cocoon delivers on its promise of bringing you closer to your loved ones, we hope that people will consider it valuable enough to pay for directly.

Weekly Report

Every Sunday, a personalized Weekly Report created just for your group will land in your Cocoon - turning things like physical activity, travel, the weather you're experiencing at home, and activity in Cocoon into little visualizations and tidbits that can help you reflect on your week together.

Location On Your Terms

Your Cocoon is a safe and useful place to share your location and maintain a shared awareness of everyone's activities. You can share at any level of specificity: precise location, at the city-level, or turn it off completely if you choose.

Health & Wellness

Through an Apple Health integration, you can choose to automatically share workouts and mindfulness sessions from connected apps, and other health metrics like your heart rate in real-time with the members of your Cocoon.

Shared Vault

Every photo and video shared by any member of the Cocoon will be easily accessible in the Vault, so you can find it later.

Lightweight Feedback

Replying to an update in Cocoon is as easy as tapping on it. Quickly comment or leave your unique mark with a heart on anything you see in Cocoon.